Welcome to Healing Touch Blog

Firstly, I want to thank you for taking your time to read our welcome message blog.  Our main goal to write our blogs is to connect with community and provide meaningful information around paramedical services such as Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy, Chiropractor, and Acupuncture.  With our blogs, we hope to share wealth of knowledge in area of Paramedical Services which is considered as Alternative Medicine and help our audience to focus on prevention of health issues and stay healthy with simple tips.

Its worth to point that these blogs are generic information which can help you to get more understanding on how paramedical services and help you however we always encourage you to see your trusted paramedical provider to ensure you are getting best care which suitable to your conditions.

In our first blog we want to formally introduce us and tell little story about how Healing Touch Rehabilitation Centre started.  We also want to focus on providing Healing Touch’s core values towards our patients and the community.

So Let’s Get Stared!

Little History of Healing Touch:

Dipali PatelIdea of Healing Touch came to Dipali, (Registered Physiotherapist) back in 2009 little after our eldest daughter was born.  While she was busy taking care of little girl, she wanted to get back to her field and continue to provide community care.  With wealth of clinical experience and prior knowledge of running clinics, she started Healing Touch operations in February 2010 with providing mobile physiotherapy to patients at one of the doctor’s office and same time in spare bedroom of our home.  Initially she was seeing 1 to 2 patients per day which grew to roughly 20 – 25 patients per week within 3 months.  In order to accommodate this growth,  we had to finish our basement to put 2 treatment rooms and one full GYM within start 6 months of starting her mobile physiotherapy practice.

As practice grew, there were some fun time for Dipali to manage her time as little girl had Nap time between 2 to 4 PM and that’s perfect time to keep her 2 appointments.  But ofcourse this only goes as planned if Kid fall sleep at 1:50 and she finish her appointment at 4 PM.  So she always has to manage her time best she can!  As Dipali always tell story that from this experience she learned how to be great at time management and value on focusing on task you have in your hand; as well as she learned that nothing is impossible if there is faith in yourself!  Way to Go Dipali!

Markham Location:

After running this home business, Healing Touch grew its operation from 20 to 25 patients per week to 45 to 50 patients per week and by now Dipali hired one-part time Massage Therapist.  So it required us to look for a space where we can establish proper Healing Touch Operation and at same time close to home.  That’s when we found our Markham Office and started first out-of-home Operation in November 2011.  Initially we started Markham operation with 1 full time Physiotherapist and 1 part-time massage therapist.  Today we proud to say that we are treating over 180 patients per week with very organized team work between 2 Physiotherapists, 3 Massage Therapists, Chiropractor, Acupuncturist and 4 full time Operational staff including PTA.

Markham LocationMarkham operations is open 7 days a week and first to offer to have Same-Day Physiotherapy appointment in Surrounding community.  We also offer Orthotics and various supportive braces to help our patients to provide all one-stop services.  Our Markham Office is serving community around Markham Village, Legacy, Box Grove, Greensborough, Mount Joy, Locust Hill, Morningside Heights, Browns Corners, Brookside, Armadale and many surrounding neighbourhood in Markham, Scarborough, Richmond Hill, and Stouffville area.  We are known to provide best services in Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy and Orthotics in surrounding community with 4.8 Star Google Review out of 5.

Ajax Locations:

With great success of Markham Location due to word-of-mouth advertisement, we could expand our operations in east of York Regions by starting our new venture in Ajax in September 2016 exactly after 5 years of Markham Location. We are thankful from our heart to all our valued patients for putting trust in our treatment.

Ajax LocationAt Ajax we are offering Physiotherapy, Massage therapy, Chiropractor and Acupuncture service along with Orthotics and Supportive braces.  Our Ajax Office is serving community around Ajax, Pickering, Whitby, Oshawa and surrounding Durham Regions.  With just 2 years in operations, we are seeing great success in patient referral with 5.0 star Google Review.

Our Values towards our patients:

At Healing Touch, we are committed to provide best possible care to our patient with Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, and Chiropractor services.  Our core values towards our patients are main driving force to deliver these exceptional services:

  • High Quality Care: Our top most priority when you come to see us is to provide high quality service which starts from greeting you, treating you and making you feel better. We ensure that we focus on “YOU” on every step of our process.  Therefore, all our therapists are always committed to provide the Highest quality care to you.
  • Trust and Teamwork: Our belief that Trust and Teamwork is integral part of our service. We want to earn your Trust by working with you and delivering best possible result to relieve your pain.  During your treatment collaboration is key between you and treating therapists which enables great teamwork between you and therapist.
  • Rapid Recovery: When you come to see us we assess and create treatment plan which minimize your pain and rapid your recovery. Our highly-qualified therapists ensure to give proper consultation and one-on-one patient care during each appointment. We accept transparent feedback from our patient and show how patients are feeling difference in their pain.
  • Caring Environment: It is important to us that you feel comfortable while receiving your treatment. To achieve this goal, we have staffed our office with caring individual who will answer your questions and help you understand our rehabilitation approach used by our professional rehabilitation team.

We hope you enjoyed reading our little story and gain bit more insights on who we are.  We are always committed to provide excellent services in Physiotherapy, Massage therapy, Chiropractor and Acupuncture in surrounding community.  Due to this commitment we have gain lot of trust and word of mouth advertisement in Markham, Scarborough, Pickering, Ajax, Oshawa and Whitby area.

We welcome any comments or inquiry you may have.  You can call us at 905.201.7022 or email us at info.htrc@gmail.com; we are always eager to answer all your questions related to Paramedical services.  Our next blog will be focused on Shoulder Pain, one of the most common cause of pain and how Physiotherapy can help in ease up your Shoulder pain.