Lately, we have been seeing great sale from Lacrosse Ball also known as Massage ball in our Markham and Ajax clinic.  It is gaining its popularity due to its prominent result to relieve soreness in tight muscles especially after intense workouts.  So, you must be wondering what is “The Lacrosse Ball”?  In this blog, I will go through brief importance of Lacrosse Ball.

Lacrosse Ball look very similar to tennis ball however unlike tennis ball; lacrosse ball is very hard and dense.  They stays as is when apply pressure on it so it helps to apply additional support in area of pain.  Lacrosse ball has provided a great result to relieve pain and improve sore muscles functions.

Have you heard of term “myofascial”?  Its best described as releasing the restriction fascia which causes the pain and restores its tissue to do normal activities.  By using Lacrosse ball in area of stiff fascia or pain, it helps to release myofascial release and helps to restore fascia normal functionality.

Benefits of Lacrosse Ball Massage:

A study published by Sport Physical Therapy found that myofascial release may:

  • Decrease soreness after exercise.
  • Help Muscle Performance.
  • Increase joint rang of motion.
  • Decrease any fatigue after exercise.

Therefore, self-myofascial release is best after a workout and Lacrosse Ball is best tool do this activity.  You can use lacrosse ball through the day while you are doing your normal activities or in your meeting.

How to use Lacrosse ball to relieve your pain:

Here are few area where achy body can be benefited by using Lacross Ball:

  1. Feet tension releaser: Place the lacross ball on the floor right underneath the arch of your foot and roll the ball under your feet. By rolling the ball under your feet you are going to work your tendons and fascia.  Remember, the feet is most important part of your body, so Give it lots of Love!
  2. Back Pain Relieve: Once you know exact place where you have tightness on your back, place the lacross ball under the tight area and roll you body in up and down direction few times; left and right few times.  This will help to release tightness in your back and relieve your pain.
  3. Neck Pain Relieve: Neck is one of the most common muscle where we feel lot of tightness or tension. Place the lacross ball between Wall and your neck and apply required pressure to release the tightness. You may feel some discomfort in beginning but once you pass through the discomfort you will feel great!
  4. Arms: Once you are done with Neck and Back we recommend that you focus on Arm.  Start with your palm and roll it all along your arm to Biceps.  Apply the pressure as needed and repeat few times in each arm. You will feel difference!
  5. Calves: Calves are usually very tight after lot of walking or doing intense workouts. Place lacross ball under your calves and roll it slowly up and down till you feel some relief.
  6. Hamstrings: Once you complete with your calves, apply same techniques for your hamstrings. It will help to release tense from you leg.
  7. Glutes: Keep the lacross ball rolling towards your buttocks, you will feel lot of tense in this area.  So keep rolling till you feel tension release.

At Healing Touch, we educate our patient how to use lacross ball to provide maximum benefit in pain relief during Physiotherapy treatment.  Using lacross ball not only helps you relieve your pain but its fun tool to work with.  We offer great promotion for Lacross ball, call us today to find out the details at our Markham Office 905.201.7022 or Ajax Office 905.239.7022.