Did you or any of your love one got in Motor Vehicle accident?  Do you remember the trauma of accident?  At the time of accident, you are only focused on get out of the place where you got in accident to meet your family members.  Your mind is so much focused on getting out of the accident place that you ignore your pain.  We have patients who come to us with Chronic back or neck pain after years of their accident.  When we ask why did you not choose to take immediate Physiotherapy or Chiropractor care; their usual response is we did not feel the pain when accident occurs.

So usual question comes to mind:  Should you go to Physiotherapy after your accident?  Well… the simple answer is Yes you need to go to Physiotherapist even if you don’t feel pain.  The most common injury caused during accident is Whipsplash which can activate after few days (in some case after few months); taking treatment right after accident is most effective way to cure Whipsplash injury rather than ignoring these treatments.

How does Physiotherapy care help after accident? First and foremost, Physiotherapist are trained professionals who can help you relieve the pain and in some cases completely cure the pain.  Physiotherapy session goes through various type of treatment typically involves manual soft tissue release, electrotherapy and shows simple stretches and exercises to continuously relieve the pain.

We also recommend few Chiropractor sessions in conjunction with Physiotherapy sessions as Chiropractors are specialized to correct any misalignments of your spine post accident.  If you don’t align your spine then it can cause strain, sprain and in some cases serious injury.  This can leads to tear in soft tissues.  Therefore, its important to align your spine after accident.

At Healing Touch, we specialize in treating Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) patients.  Our trained Physiotherapists and Chiropractors goes through detail assessment and provide required treatments.  We treat conditions like:

  • Acute pain in Back, Neck, Shoulder, Knee, and any Joint pain.
  • Chronic Pain in Back, Neck, Shoulder, Knee, and any Joint pain.
  • Whiplash injuries
  • Factures in Ribs, hand, or any other body part.
  • Muscle tears
  • And many other conditions which are related to accident.

Beside providing exceptional physiotherapy  treatment we also take care of dealing with your auto insurance for any paperwork and billing.  Thus it reduces lot of hassle on your side for all paperwork and you only focus on getting better.  Our end goal is to provide you best physiotherapy service in Markham and top Chiropractor care in Ajax along with provide you caring and comfortable care at our facilities.

Call us if you are involved in recent accident.  We will do FREE Consultation for MVA related injuries.  Our Markham office number is 905.201.7022 and Ajax Office is: 905.239.7022.

Please note:  this blog is for generic information and does not substitute professional knowledge.  We always recommend you to visit your trusted Health professional post your accident.