In our previous blog we have explained how Shockwave Therapy can be benefited for chronic pain conditions.  Since our last blog, we have treated numerous patients who got real benefit from our Shockwave therapy.

In this blog, I will be focusing on how Shockwave Therapy For Soccer Players can bereally helpful for their chronic tendonitis, groin strains, plantar fascitis and muscular pain after their games.  Our innovative Shockwave therapy techniques used by Physiotherapist and Athletic therapist which has been adopted by the players and has produced very constructive results in their recovery.

Soccer is considered as one of the most popular sport around the world due to its intensive and competitiveness of the game.  Any start team player; often face very busy schedule with intensive training session;  number of mock games and actual tournaments games.  Therefore, any pain, inflammations and injuries that the players often suffer from can impact their performance on the field, and also the time spent receiving medical treatment or resting.

All these factors have prompted many active players to prefer Shockwave Therapy, which is non-invasive and can be finished within 30 minutes per session on average.  We have treated lot of young players from Markham Soccer club association with Shockwave Therapy tendonitis of the patellar tendon, tendoachillis,, plantar fasciitis and groin strains, which are often very painful and takes long time to recover with normal treatment.

With our recent experience of shockwave therapy treatment; player significantly reduce their post injury recovery time and become available to their team during their tournament game.  Players are also very easily adopt to Shockwave Therapy Treatment.

One of the successful examples of shockwave therapy is the case of striker player, who suffered from a chronic and painful inflammation in his foot.  After assessing his condition, our Physiotherapist performed few sessions of Shockwave Therapy.  Striker was able to stay on field for full 30 minutes after his first session of Shockwave therapy during his crucial quarter final game at his league game.  This is just one example of how Shockwave Therapy helped star player of league club.


Healing Touch is one of the first clinic to introduce Shockwave therapy in Markham and Ajax, this has helped us to pioneer in providing this modality with right parameters.  Please book an appointment with us to consult how Shockwave therapy can help you from long time pain you have been suffering.

Beside, soccer player we also treated players who are actively playing basket ball, Softball and Baseball games.  We are becoming well known Sport Physiotherapy in East End of Markham neighbourhood.

Call us if you are suffering from Sport injuries.  We will do FREE Consultation on how Shockwave Therapy can help to heal your Sport injuries.  Our Markham office number is 905.201.7022 and Ajax Office is: 905.239.7022.

Please note: this blog is generic information and avoided to provide any individual identity due to confidentiality of individuals.  We always recommend that you book an appointment with us or your trusted health provider to go through your pain assessment and right treatment.  We encourage you to have discussion with your health provider how Shockwave can help you.