In our previous blog we gave you little information about Motor Vehicle accident, where we gave you little information about how Physiotherapist and Chiropractor can help in getting better after Car Accident.  In this blog we will give you  more information about most common injury caused by Motor Vehicle accident know as “Whiplash” and how whiplash injury physiotherapy treatment can help you improve your health.

What is Whiplash?

Whiplash is commonly described as strain of the neck muscles and surrounding soft tissues after car accident.  Whiplash often experience when Vehicle is rear ended or hit from back front or side, which caused sudden and sharp movement of the neck or head.

Whiplash injuries are classified as following grades (as described in this article):

  • Grade 0: No complaints or any pain after accident.
  • Grade 1: Neck complaint of pain, stiffness or tenderness only. No physical sign(s).
  • Grade 2: Neck complaint AND musculoskeletal sign(s). Musculoskeletal signs include decreased range of motion and point tenderness.
  • Grade 3: Neck complaint AND neurological sign(s). Neurological signs include decreased range of motion and point tenderness.
  • Grade 4: Neck complaint AND fracture or dislocation.

In this blog our primary focus is to go through Grade 1 and Grade 2, which occurs in majority of car accident cases.  Good news is that both Grade 1 and Grade 2 can be cured completely with proper treatment.

Facts about Whiplash:

  • Whiplash symptoms such as pain, stiffness and related injuries are usually experience after a week of accident.
  • Most of Whiplash injuries are not serious and completely curable by trained Health care professional.
  • Physiotherapist, Chiropractor or Massage therapists can help to cure your Whiplash injuries.
  • Person may feel that he or she is unable to do their normal activities after experiencing Whiplash.

Post Whiplash Activities:

Once you are suffering Whiplash injuries, its very important that you continue to perform your daily activities, and more importantly to remember that sometime resting for day or two may extend pain and disability.  Remember whiplash injury may get more stiff or weak when they are not used which can lead to more pain and delay recovery.  Therefore, you will have to continue with your daily activities at certain extent and continue with your treatment as it will help you to rejoice your normal life from Whiplash injuries.  We don’t recommend you do intense activities but at same don’t let you Whiplash slow you down!

Here are few tips for your normal activities after Whiplash injuries:

  • Periodically stand and stretch.
  • Avoid sitting at one position for long periods.
  • While driving, adjust your seat so you can easily bent your elbow and knee.
  • While working at workstation, sit such a way that the upper part of your arm rests close to your body, and your back and feet are well supported.
  • Avoid any contact sports or strenuous exercise for the first few weeks to prevent further injury.
  • Ask your therapists to show exercise and stretches which can help in your recovery.
  • While sleeping, please adjust your pillow to support neck at a comfortable height and make your bed more comfortable.

General Treatment of Whiplash:

Here are few tips on how generalized treatment help you to recover from Whiplash injuries:

  • All scientific research indicates that cooperation between patient and therapists usually leads to timely recovery and resume daily activities.
  • Its best to have your treating health provider discuss treatment options with you after assessment so it can control your pain.
  • Don’t let your pain get away in your daily activities. Sometime person who is suffering from whiplash avoid doing daily activity assuming that it may worsen the pain.  So don’t let your acute pain get away on things you can do!
  • We don’t recommend high dose of prescription medication however you can use mild dose of over-the-counter medication. You can also use Ice or Heat therapy to relieve from pain.
  • Perform all exercises, stretches and physical activities as described by your treating health care provider.
  • Most importantly: stay connected with your family, friends and co-workers. Social withdrawal can contribute to depression and develop chronic pain.
  • As I said: Focus on getting back to normal life rather than worried about your injury.  Trust me you will be fine.

Car accident is not something you can predict, therefore, we always recommend that while driving adjust your car seat, head rest in ideal position with top of the head restraint and there should be 2 to 5 cm between the back of the head and head restraint.

At Healing Touch, we specialize in treating Whiplash injuries after Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA).  Our trained Physiotherapists and Chiropractors goes through detail assessment and provide required treatments.

Beside providing exceptional physiotherapy and chiropractic treatment we also take care of dealing with your auto insurance for any paperwork and billing.  Thus it reduces lot of hassle on your side for all paperwork and you only focus on getting better.

Our end goal is to provide you best physiotherapy service in Ajax and top Chiropractor care in Markham along with provide you caring and comfortable care at our facilities.

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Please note:  this blog is for generic information and does not substitute professional knowledge.  We always recommend you to visit your trusted Health professional post your accident.