WSIB Rehabilitation Markham / Ajax

WSIB is The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board; who is an independent trust agency that administers compensation and no-fault insurance for Ontario Workplaces. [Reference link]

WSIB Rehabilitation Markham / Ajax

WSIB is The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board; who is an independent trust agency that administers compensation and no-fault insurance for Ontario Workplaces[Reference Link].


What is WSIB Rehabilitation?

When person is involved in work related physical injury in Ontario; then in most case person has to go through WSIB to get proper treatment in order to recover from the work-related accident.  When injury occur at work, here are some steps you need to do:

  • Inform your employer about your accident and report physical injury. If you need injury requires more than first aid your employer will have to submit report to WSIB within 36 hours of injury.  Typically its Form 7 that employer need to submit.
  • Once employer filled the Form 7 to WSIB, WSIB will assign the claim number for your injury.
  • Once you have claim number you as employee need to fill Form 6 which can be found on WSIB website.
  • Based on information WSIB get about your injury, they will assign proper Program of Care (POC) for your injury treatment. WSIB may take 5 to 10 business days once they receive all proper documentation.
  • We always recommend our patient that you have to communicate with WSIB in order to assure that they receive all proper document for them to decide right POC.

And many other conditions.

Please Note, if injury requires attention, then please see your medical doctor in timely manner.  Do not ignore your injury.

Post injury its very important that you get the right treatment based on WSIB approval.  Our Physiotherapist, Chiropractors and other health provider are expert in providing proper assessment and treatment to you.  Moreover, they also help you to fill up proper documentation which can help WSIB to decide what’s your status of recovery.

Our goal is to get back to you in your routine life post injuries; therefore, we always focus “YOU” by giving proper treatment and taking care of paperwork with WSIB.  We are registered with WSIB to perform all paperwork and billing to WSIB for your treatment to get direct payment.

We treat all patients with following injuries:

  • Musculoskeletal Program of Care
  • Shoulder Program of Care
  • Low Back Program of Care
  • Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Program of Care
  • Non-Surgical fracture Program of Care

Why Choose Healing Touch for your WSIB?

Healing Touch is registered clinic to do all paperwork and direct billing with your treatment to WSIB; thus we fulfill complex and high standard set by WSIB to provide proper treatment to injured employees. Our main goal is to get “YOU” back to normal life.  Our multidisciplinary team of Physiotherapists, Chiropractor, and other health professional are expert in providing best care for assigned Program of Care by WSIB to recovery from your injury.   We are known as providing high quality care for WSIB Physiotherapy treatment in Markham or Ajax area.  

When you come for WSIB Injury treatment at Healing Touch; we go through following process:

  • On your first visit; our administrative staff will call WSIB to get your claim status and assigned Program of Care for your injury. Once all claim is approved by WSIB, we will start your treatment based on guideline set by WSIB.
  • As your treatment progress, if our therapist feel that you will need some additional session then we will call WSIB designated nurses to discuss your progress and follow all required guideline by WSIB in order to get you any additional extension needed.

Our admin staff is trained professional to communicate with WSIB for all paperwork as well as your medical doctors and Employer when needed thus you focus on your speedy recovery.

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